Baby Toddler Silicone Non-spill Sippy Straw Cup First Stage - Sage
Five Baby Silicone Non-spill Sippy Straw Cups First Stage Various Colours

Silicone Non-spill Sippy Straw Cup First Stage - Sage

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This non-spill silicone straw cup can adapt to baby's first to second learning stages. Each cup has two handles and a straw making it very comfortable for your little one. It is non-breakable and is made from superior quality, soft BPA-free silicone. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher and microwave safe. 


Non-spill, non-breakable.
First to second learning stages.

Superior quality, soft BPA-free silicone. 
Waterproof, washable and easy to clean. 


11cm with straw | 13cm wide with the handles


Clean with hot water, detergent and a clean cloth or in dishwasher.