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Abandon the mess now! Our amazing apron-style Feeding Smocks and bibs are a must-have for babies and young children. They are perfect for feeding, painting, and other messy activities. Our Feeding Smocks feature a waterproof front, a flip-front pouch, and a two-way back lace to tie at the neck and back. You can choose between two options and more than 70 gorgeous patterns – cotton sleeves and waterproof middle part or 100% waterproof material and style. All have a reversible front pouch, and two tie-up points. They are ideal for mealtime and for activities like painting and crafting.  Our baby Feeding Smock bibs support baby-led weaning while still having fun and enjoying the adorable patterns. They will help protect your child's clothing from spills and stains and are incredibly simple to clean. The long sleeves are ideal for keeping those messy eaters clean since they provide even more protection. Our baby feeding apron smocks are really soft and comfy which makes them gentle on the skin. They are made of lightweight, breathable fabric which helps prevent from unwanted rashes and eczema.


- Mess-Proof: Our long-sleeved apron style Feeding Smocks are comfortable, lightweight, and water-resistant. The best choice for mums to shield baby clothes and reduce washing while keeping your little one comfortable and entertained! Sizes suitable from 6 months to 2 years old.
- Two Options: Choose between our 100% waterproof and washable feeding apron smocks or Soft 100% cotton sleeves and waterproof front ones.
- Lightweight and Soft Materials: Our baby smocks are made of soft, lightweight waterproof material or cotton and are ideal for use at mealtime to contain spills and protect clothing. The 100% waterproof material ensures that it won't absorb any moisture and keeps your baby clean after meals.
- Kind to children: Cozy and pleasant for babies and toddlers during mealtime. The breathable fabric keeps your baby cool while the tug-proof, no-scratch fastening is soft on their neck.
- Easy-to-Clean: Super easy to clean and wash very well. Our 100% waterproof styles are also fully machine washable (follow instructions). The waterproof material is stain and odour resistant.
- Perfect Gift for any Baby: With more than 70 cute designs, our baby smocks are the perfect gift for your precious little one. They will certainly bring convenience, peace of mind and extra time into your days. These are perfect for baby shower gifts.

Please note that adult supervision should be provided at all times while infants are using our baby smocks.

Feeding Smock Designs

Choose from more than 70 adorable designs which will bring fun and excitement to the table - Dinosaur land, Dinosaurs, Winter Forest, Smiley Zoo, Rainbow Crocodile, Magical Fairy, Colorful Rainbow, Zoo, Fresh Forest, Color Zoo, Blue Farm, Fluffy Clouds, Pink Unicorn, Car and planes, Sunny Bird, Fruities, Monkey Zoo, Busy Traffic, Ducks, Little Girl, Healthy Avocado, Numbers, Blue Cars, Pink Bunny, Our Pets, Yellow Duckie, Green Stripes, Vroom Vroom and many more designs are available. 

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