Baby Toddler Feeding Long Sleeve Apron Smock Bib - Pineapple White
Baby Toddler Smock Apron Functionality Back Lace Elastic Cuff Waterproof Flip Pocket

Teeny Baby Long Sleeve Apron Smock Bib - Pineapple White

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Say Good bye to the mess! Our playful apron style smocks / bibs are the absolute essential for babies and toddlers. With waterproof front, flip front pouch and two-way back lace to tie at neck and back it is ideal for feeding, painting and other messy activities. Cotton sleeves.


90cm. Suitable for 0-2 years.

Length 41cm ± 2cm  
Chest  34cm ± 1cm  
Width (with sleeves) 36cm ± 2cm


Long sleeves with elastic cuffs.
Waterproof silicone front. 
Flip pouch.
Two-way back lace.
Easy clean.


100% Cotton and Waterproof layer.


Recommended cold hand wash.